Stemmed from an idea by Marco Lincetto of the Velut Luna record label, the Barbara Belloni Band plays live some of the nicest tunes of the late Jim Croce, the famous american singer/songwriter who prematurely lost his life in a tragic airplane accident in 1973, while at the peak of his career.
This is not a typical “copy and paste” tribute format, but a thorough reinterpretation of Croce’s big hits, like “I got a name”, “Operator” and “Photographs and Memories”.

For this folk and blues tinged project, Barbara’s warm and soothing voice needed a band with deep blues roots but with also a knack for original arrangements, capable of drawing inspiration from American Polular music; the choice couldn’t have been other than Fabio Ranghiero and Flamiano Mazzaron (piano and guitar, respectively, founders of the Four Fried Fish & Flyin’ Horns) backed by Alberto Toninelli on drums and Alessandro Arcuri on electric and upright bass.

Welcome into Jim’s world… enjoy!